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TEB & SANAT is established in 1987 by technical orthepedic experts with goal of manufacturing orthopedic assistive devices

Establishment of a factory in an area of 3000 square meters , running mass production line of orthopedic assistive devices , getting CE and ISO 13485 certification , producing superior quality products with suitable price, active presence scientific congresses, innovation and creativity , equiped with the latest world knowledge ,and production of more than 160 types of different orthopedic assistive devices aree the company strategies which are followed all the time.

Latest News


Teb & Sanat new product

Self-standing cane tip
This product lets the cane stand by itself without the need to find a wall or chair to lean the cane against. It also prevents slipping on the slippery surfaces and bath. And creates more stability to improve balance when moving



Silicone toe separator design change


Silicone toe separator problem solve

By changing the design of silicone toe separator, the problem of removing of the silicon part from the tubular stretch fabric was resolved


FDA approval

Reha Teb & Sanat Diba Co was honored to receive FDA certification

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Consult with our orthopedic experts

even days 15:00 to 17:00

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Sales Managers

Sales Managers of TEB & SANAT


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